Oh, The Hills of Granite Falls

  • When: 10/19/16
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Crop Duster, Twig, Band Camp, Banjo, Old School, Parasite

Seven men met in downtown Granite Falls to run the streets and get better, tougher, and stronger! YHC, not being a native of Granite Falls, picks some very hilly paths, unknowingly, and this morning was such a morning.

First, since we have runners at different levels running at different lengths, we have been doing the Count-a-rama Name-a-rama, and COT.

COT was the first verse of Sweet Hour of Prayer, had prayer, and took off!
Here was our route

  • Head N. from Mackie on 321a
  • Left on Lakeside Ave.
  • Right on Elgin
  • Left on Birch
  • Left on Park Ave
  • Left on Woods Dr
  • Left on Laurel (WHAT A HILL!!!)
  • Right on Lakeside
  • Left on Central
  • Left on Midway
  • Right on Madison
  • Right on Main Street
  • Left on Forest
  • Left on Woodlane
  • Left on Stirling
  • Right on Chesnut
  • Crossover Falls Ave to Trade St (It was here the runners on the shorter route [Twig & Banjo] took a left on Falls back to the shovel flag)
  • Run down Trade and take left onto Archer
  • Cross Dudley Ave to Hillside Ave. (At this point two more PAX [Old School and Parasite] pealed off down Dudley back to shovel flag) (Crop had stayed back to this point with OS & Parasite, thought he was lost and Band Camp turned back to meet up and YHC was left on his own and in front for first time ever!)
  • At end of Hillside turn right on Main
  • Right on Pinecrest, go all the way around graveyard back to Highland Ave (YHC was really wishing at this point BC and Crop would catch up!)
  • At end of Highland cross Main over to W. Highland
  • Take left onto School Dr behind middle school (It was here that YHC relinquished the lead to BC and Crop; these guys are phenomenally fast!)
  • Left on Park Ave
  • Right on Main Street all the way back to Mackie Furniture.

Really nasty hilly route, great run nonetheless, even better fun & fellowship!

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Well, Friar lied about 2 things: 1. We prayed at the end…and more importantly 2. He called me a “phenomenally fast runner” . Thank you for that, but I was hanging onto Band Camp’s coattails up Hillside and we did fly through the graveyard more out of fright than ability. Thanks for sending BC back to rescue me from Chesnut or Trade or Falls or whatever street we were running at the time. Even though I lagged a bit and even though we got lost and even though we got spread out and even thought there were one million hills… Read more »