A Two-Man Beatdown

  • When: 10/20/16
  • QIC: Root and Markup
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddy, Jordache, Retread, Fuzzy Balls, Billie Jean, Squints, Igloo, Freud

10 men came out to post at Expresso and get a little stronger while having fun. Typically we have 3 for a CBD but 1/3 of our team was out of town on a mission trip. The morning went something like this:

The Thang
Root took control and about beat us into the ground,
Warm Ups
Side straddle hops 20IC
Imperial storm troopers 20IC
Alternating toe touches 20 IC
Humpies 20IC
Squats 20IC

Indian run around The track and back to the courtyard at St. Luke’s

Core workout
Dollies 20IC
Variable 6 inches
World War II sit ups 20IC
Flutter kicks 20IC
Freddie mercuries 20IC
Alternating Pretzel sit ups 10IC
LBC’s 20IC

Alternating step ups on the bench 20IC
Dips 20IC

Root then handed off to YHC for a few more minutes of enjoyment

Merkins 10 IC
Pull-ups 10 OYO
Diamond Merkins 10 IC
Toe Touches 10 IC
Ranger Merkins 10 IC
Tricep Dips 10 IC
Bear Crawl 1/2 way around the courtyard
Rinse and repeat!

Mosey out the back of the courtyard and circle around to the front parking lot

Dying Cockroach 20 IC
Freddie Mercury 20 IC
Boxcutters 20 IC
Dolly 20 IC

We have a few men who have not lead a workout before so after discussions with Cousin Eddy, we decided to let them call one workout today to see it is not as hard as they may think.

Freud – High-Low Planks
Billie Jean – 10 count
Fuzzy Balls – Monkey Humpers

The men did a great job and we plan to work them into the rotation soon. Great job men!

Rosalitas 20 IC

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that made me start thinking. “Every day is a GOOD Day”. When I think of this verse it made me realize that the bumper sticker is correct. Every day is a good day as long as we are in God’s will. Even though we make think the day is good, bad, or horrible, the day can still be good as long as we are listening to God. Share His love with someone today.

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