We have a workout called Whipping Stick

  • When: 10/22/16
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Herniator, Publix, Beaker, Cousin Eddie

Hey F3Hickory, we’re still open on Saturdays. There’s this place we call . It’s our best AO: there are hills, lots of stairs, more hills, fields a plenty, there are tires, baseball fields (yes 2), Crop’s boy made us some pull up bars for me to pretend to do pull ups on. Come try it out. Seriously you should. If you posted w/ Taylorsville or Granite Falls then you have an excused absence. Other acceptable reasons are: I’m in Haiti rebuilding a community, my ______ is all geeked up and I need to heal up. All other excuses are like farts in the wind. Or like assholes. You get the point.

4 of us posted yesterday. We had a blast. My cadence was off like a prom dress (but not my prom’s date…not from lack of trying on my end however). I called SSH for the first exercise and did an ATT or something like that. If you weren’t there – and most of you weren’t – you missed out. You were missed.

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