Billy Jean Brings It…VQ Style

  • When: 10/25/16
  • QIC: Billy Jean
  • The PAX: Powder, Scotch, Publix, Fuzzy Balls, Retread, Suppository, Root, Sooner, Squints, Short Sale

Warmup… Hillbillies, side straddle hops, frankensteins, windmill, hydraulic jumpers, plank jacks, Floyd mayweathers
Workout…. Escalator 10 burpos, 20 merkins, 30 hallelujah jump ups, 40 al gores, 50 hallelujah lunges and after each exercise ran lap around the front drive U of Corinth. Then did wall sits and Mohammed Ali’s. Ran to court yard at Corinth and each person picked an ab workout and while everyone was doing the workout, the person who chose it ran around court yard, next person, etc. I can’t remember all of those! Then we ran to the hill behind Corinth. Ran to bottom, 10 burpees, back peddled to top, 10 burpees. Did that routine twice.
Scripture reading was from Genesis 28/35 about Jacob running from his brother Esau to the point of exhaustion, physical pain, realized he had done wrong and it was then that God told him to go build an altar to show that God was with him through his running from his own brother. Just like us, no matter what Gid is with us wherever we go and whatever we go through! He is not a place, he is a person! He is portable and this is why Jesus was called Immanuel “God with Us” This happens in all the well known stories of the Bible, Jonah, Daniel, Jacob, Noah, David….. So we as men and brothers have to realize that God is always with us and that’s where our relationship of love for us from God begins. We can’t think that we can go find him at church once a week, at F3, or on Wednesday nights. We are to wake on our knees praying and go to sleep after kneeling in prayer for how grateful we are for his unconditional love. He is the only immovable constant we have in this life. Then I prayed us out!

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