Bethlehem is all hills

  • When: 11/03/16
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Part Time, Cable Guy, Plank

3 entered the gloom this am for what YHC was considering to be a self inflicted beatdown.  This is why……i hate to run hills.  If you have ever visited # AO and did any of the runs, you will know quickly, everything run downhill to the lake then reality sets in….its all back up hill.  But that is what makes you a better runner or so i have been told.  This is what went down at 0530 sharp.

Circle up around shovel flag for the following

  • SSH     IC x 20
  • ATT     IC x 15
  • Windmills     IC x 15
  • Humpy’s     IC x15

Mosey PAX to the car wash for calf raises at  steps IC x 10 each leg…

OK we will begin a Route 66, with 3 exercises beginning with 1 each and increasing by 1 until we get to 11 stops along the way.  The 3 exercises were, Carolina Dry Docks, Squats, Star Jumps.  Beginning at the car wash we ran down Shiloh Church Rd towards Wildlife Access Rd.  This is  a great road all downhill for about 1 mile, YHC is good at downhills btw.  We moved onto the Wildlife Boating Access and moved to the three finger launch docks for some stops on Route 66 then out to the fishing pier for another stop.  We moved back out to the entrance of the boat access and then towards what i consider one of the toughest hills in the area.  it is called Skyline Rd for a reason….its a big, steep, nasty hill.  We had three stops on route 66 along the way.  We made our way to HWY 127 and then up Hardware Hill for another stop.  We then proceeded back up Bolick Ln to Rink Dam Rd.  Then back the shovel flag.  All in all , we totaled 3.5 miles and some pretty extreme hill climbs along the way.

It was a real fun run, good conversation and beautiful scenic views, if you have never ran in Bethlehem before, you should.  It is going to challenge you big time.

Count off only 3, name a rama…Annoucements and prayer requests.

WOD  YHC is reading a book “Autopsy of a Deceased Church” by Thom Rainer.  This book details some of the pitfalls of 12 churches of various denominations.  Really an Autopsy of why these churches failed to keep their doors open.  One large point or pitfall is when the church focuses inward instead of following the Great Commission and have an outward heart.   The same is true for us as individuals.  As a Christ follower, we must keep an outward heart and focus for the lost and serve Him.

YHC lead us in prayer.

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