Second Street Smokefest

The Thang:
7 faithful rolled out of their fartsacks on this cool, 55 degree, post World Series, fall day and got better. After Publix planted the shovel flag deep into the soil of #Expresso, it went like this.

Warm up in COP IC allegro
SSH X 20
Peter Parker X 20
ATT X 20
Parker Peter X 20

Mosey down 2nd Street NW to bottom of the hill for broad jump/exercise ascending ladder
Moving up hill
1 Burpee 4X broad jumps
1 Lunge (both legs) 4X broad jumps
1 Merkin 4X broad jumps
1 Squat 4X broad jumps
1 LBC and run back down to starting point
Rinse and repeat the pattern with 2, 3, 4 exercises…continue until reaching 10.

Mosey up 17th Avenue NW then in to SLUMC quad for Tabata combo
Triceps Dips X 10
Pull ups OYO (20 seconds)
Dying Cockroach X 10
Burpees OYO (20 seconds)
Flutter Kicks X 10
Pull ups OYO (20 seconds)
Alternating Donkey Kicks X 20
Burpees OYO (20 seconds)
Jane Fondas X 20 – flip and repeat
Pull ups OYO (20 seconds)

Mosey back to the SLUMC parking lot for COT/BOM

1) YHC cannot broad jump or lunge nearly as far or as fast as the PAX. Not. Even. Close.
2) Squints is a dang beast – I want to be like him when I grow up #Respect
3) After the workout Cuz said “Thanks for pushing me.” It will be the best thing YHC hears all day.
4) These guys are inspiring. YHC attempted to provide a solid, challenging workout, that these men would not soon forget. They’ve all done the same for me. #payback #encouragement

– No workout in Hickory or Granite Falls this Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to converge on Mountain View to launch this new AO

We finished this morning’s workout with a devotional entitled “A Gentle Whisper” from 1 Kings 19:12:
The PAX were reminded and encouraged to take time each day to quiet our lives, our voices, and our thoughts so that we can hear the voice of God.

As always it was an honor to Q you men.

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Cousin Eddie

Pound for pound, HBC is the meanest dude in HKY