RAM…in the Dirt?

Eleven of us left out on what seemed to be a fairly normal on this beautiful early November morning.  YHC had a little something in store which as usual seemed much better in his head the night before than when it actually went down.  Here was our through Hickory:

Couple of warm-ups in the LR parking lot.  Most likely SSH’s and Humpies but I can’t be for sure.

YHC took off like a shot and had to wait for the Pax to catch him in front of the LR gym where we did something but I forget what we did there.

Mosey to the front of the Athletic Center ramp which we ran up and then a little zig zag on the stairs back to the top of the ramp.  Bear Crawl down the ramp and a short mosey to the concrete benches where we did Tricep Dips and Incline Merkins.

Mosey down 7th Ave and this is where it gets fun.  YHC had the Pax take an abrupt hard right into the dirt lot which is the future site of UCHS.  We ran to the back of the lot and YHC told them next exercise was to run up and over the dirt mountains to the road and back then repeat.  Well little did he know that it was soft dirt.  Dirt, sand and gravel in the running shoes don’t do well.  Won’t do that again.  Sorry fellas.  We cancelled the second loop.

Mosey to the basketball goal at St. Andrews where YHC gave the Pax a minute to remove said foreign objects from their shoes.  We did a few ab exercises here but their names escape me.

Mosey down 8th/Main Ave where we had three stops.  Can’t remember what we did at the first one but I think it was Partner Hi Five Merkins, second stop was Monkey Humpers and Calf Raises on the bridge while the oncoming traffic admired our bodies.  Third stop was at the Clerk of Court building where we did some People’s Chair exercises and BTTW with Merkins.

Mosey to downtown where we took another abrupt hard right onto 2nd Street and continued to 1st Pres.  Stepups on their low rock wall before we continued on a extra long mosey to the creek/rock pile off the YMCA track.

Each Pax got their own medium sized coupon where YHC instructed them to perform 100 Bench Press and 100 Curls before the long mosey back to the flag.

YHC hadn’t run in a while and came in a little winded.  Milieage on my Garmin showed as close to 3 miles.

On a side note the Pax passed Retread two times.  That man is so fast that when he hi fives you it feels like you just slapped a brick mailbox from a moving car.  I’m pretty sure that for every mile we ran he did three!  Glad he’s on my P200 team!

Announcements / Prayer Requests:

Markup’s mom started treatment and had a good week (all things considered!)  Continue to lift her and the Shanks family up!

Humpy’s dad in the hospital

Mountain View launch tomorrow 11/5 @ 7am.  Come support all of Short Sale’s hard work!


A few more thoughts from Wild at Heart – We all need to find a battle to fight, adventure to live and a beauty to rescue.  Those help make our hearts come alive.  William Wallace quote from Braveheart – “All men die, few men ever REALLY LIVE!”

Never gets old leading the men of F3 Hickory.  Thanks for following this big goof today!

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