Steeple Chasing at Slingblade

  • When: 11/02/16
  • QIC: Udder Butter
  • The PAX: Band Camp, Old School, Twig, Banjo, Crop Duster, Suppository, Friar, Parasite

Normally a run only day doesn’t have much of a write up but on this day things were stranger than normal.  In GFs we like to do COT first because we offer a 3 mile and 5 mile run option. So all the Pax end up finishing at different times.


Our rout passed by 6 churches in town.  We as “the church” spend

too much time fighting about differences between one another and not working together to reach the lost. Pray for ” the church” as you pass each on your run.

The Thang

Because of our 3 mile and 5 mile routes, it is important to share the route because we end up having different groups finishing at different times. Wednesday was unusual in that several groups missed turns and before the end of the run, we had PAXs all over Granite and going in different directions.  Oh well, everyone still finished GF strong.



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