A Charmin Sighting (and Q) at Hurler

  • When: 11/10/16
  • QIC: Charmin
  • The PAX: Twig, Udder Butter, Assid, Banjo, Two Ply

It was a frigid morning at and six PAX endured the gloom to start the day. Charmin was the Q and because he refuses to embrace the advantages of an early morning workout on Tues-Thurs it felt like he was new to the group. Several uttered (calling no one out) “He’s Alive” as he got out of his car.  Un-offended he stepped up and delivered a great F3 workout!  Ok, I’m done patting myself on the back!  Did I mention that I was up at 5:30 to Q on Thursday?

We started with a warm up that got the blood flowing; Side Straddle Hops, Alternating Toe Touches, Imperial Storm Troopers, WWII Sit Ups, LBCs all IC

Mosey to wall for wall squats where we incorporated forward press, overhead press, Mohamed Ali’s and Joe Frasier’s to take our minds off the pain.

Mosey to Christian Fellowship for a four corners exercise where we did two complete sets.  At the respective corners we did Merkins, WWII Sit Ups, Merkins again and then LBCs.

We found a nice steep spot beside Christian Fellowship and did a little Bear Crawling, Lunges, Reverse Sprints (several), and one Up Hill Sprint to cap it off

Mosey to block shed and with blocks did 20 each, curls, bench press, American hammers, overhead press, block rows and finished with 12 kettle bells (yes 12 because they suck)

Mosey back to the flag and we finished the workout with a variety of ab killers, incline Merkins and decline merkins.

Word of the day from Corinthians 13

Bottom line is, to love as we are instructed to do is a choice, I choose love!

Pressing on, Charmin

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