Flamer Friday

  • When: 11/18/16
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Markup, Publix, Plank, Igloo, Powder, Hotlips, Suppository, Root, Taz, Flamer

It was a nice cool morning for a run.  I told the pax we were going to do a little more running and a little less exercises today to get a little more distance in.  Note to self…there aren’t sidewalks on both sides of 127 up near downtown…can you say frogger…it was a little dangerous crossing the street so many times.

Warm up:  IC SSH x 15, High Knees x 15

Mosey to the Library for some Plank jacks x 15 and 10 Slow Merkins IC

Mosey to the under side of the bridge on 127 near Transportation Insight for some bear crawls (Crop-duster wasn’t here so it was ok-however there did seem to be a lot of glass at the bottom of the ramp…I joked about needles too but I didn’t really see any)  Bear crawl up the under side of the bridge and back down…15 Incline Merkins

Mosey to the Howitzer (The cannon at the square) to start getting the pax excited about the new AO on Tuesdays.  So we did 21 LBC’s as a tribute.

Mosey to Frye Hospital and up the big hill (I’m drawing a blank on its name right now).

Mosey back to the LR track because we had 5 mins left and we all ran a fast lap on the track and back to the flag for exactly 4 miles.

So we got 4 miles in and some exercises on a nice cool November morning!

WOD:  I am the son of the Risen King who is not moved by the world.  For my God is with me and goes before me.  I do not fear because I am His.

Thanks fellas.  It’s always my pleasure to lead you men!

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