Planks and BM’s at The Mount

  • When: 11/22/2016
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Has Been, Drive Thru, Doughboy, Doc McStuffins, Fix it Felix, Suppository

So the cold came finally. The cold makes it easy to turn the alarm off and stay in the sack. The cold is the excuse to take the winter off. But the cold will also harden resolve and make the will stronger. 7 PAX came out this morning in sub-zero temps at the mount, and it wasn’t easy but we all got better. Here’s how it went down-

Humpy’s 20 IC

Windmill 20 IC

Lunge 20 IC

Slow Squat 10 IC

Alt Toe Touch 20 IC

We then started to mosey but then saw a car turn into the AO- could it be an FNG? We made a circle to see but no one emerged. So instead we planked-

Plank Jack’s 30 IC stay in plank-

Peter Parkers 10 IC stay in plank-

Parker Peters 10 IC

Lots of mumble chatter through this one. We next moseyed to Walgreens Hill for a BM ladder-

Started with 2 Merkins at the Bottom and 10 Burpees at the top and went from there-

Mosey to Blocks and Partnered up. One Partner did exercises while the other ran a loop-

Curls x100

Overhead Press x100

Bent over Rows x100

We then moseyed down the hill to the nursing home parking lot and the Mount PAX were introduced to the Jack Webb. A real crowd pleaser, let me tell you! We then headed back to the flag for a ring of fire and COT.

Announcements: Convergence at the Mount on Thanksgiving Day at 7 am, Christmas Part at the Hata’s on Dec 17th.

WOD: Philippians 2:3-11 and the importance of being humble and serving other during the holiday season.

Good work fellas, thanks for putting up with me today!


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