Hickory Region Gives Thanks at The Mount

  • When: 11/24/16
  • QIC: Plank, Shortsale, Udder Butter
  • The PAX: Crop Duster, Bing, Beaker, Twig, Friar, Doughboy, Billie Jean, Taz, Retread, Tread, Bieber, Three Dog, Clifford BRD, Has Been, Assid, Banjo, Two Stroke, Awall, Part Time, Kapowski, Publix, Peaches, 2 Ply, Doc McStuffins, Humpy

What better way to prepare for a feast than to burn a few preemptive calories.  The Hickory Region held a convergence workout at our newest launch The Mount in Mountain View.  Paxs from Taylorsville, Hickory, Bethlehem and Granite Falls found their way to The Mount to witness the unleashing of the F3 Amigos.  Plank, Short Sale and Udder Butter teamed up to provide the fun.  The festivities went something like this;

Plank Led COP
Shot Gun Start Burpees OYO x 10

SSH IC x 20
Merkin IC x 10

IST IC x 20
Wide Arm Merkin IC x 10

Hillbillies IC x 20
Diamond Merkins IC x 10

Uncle Carls IC x 20 (The group decided not to invite Uncle Carl back for Christmas!)
Sphinx Merkins IC x 10 (note to Plank: these are not parking lot friendly- many more of these and Plank will not be invited for Christmas!)

Copper Head Squats IC x 20

Stay in Circle for a Ring Of Fire

I start a 5 count exercise then pass off to my 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions to rotate in clockwise direction, hold plank when finished
Carolina Dry Docks OYO x 5
Pickle Pounders OYO x 5 (Don’t watch another man work here- shrieks of “My eyes! My eyes!” could be heard.)

Recover for a final circuit of ..
Monkey Humpers IC x 10 (Of course!)

Pass off to Shortsale

The PAX moseyed to the block pile and got in a tight circle. We split into 3 teams and began some Team AMRAP work.

November this year involves three very important things;
An election, Thanksgiving, and football. So, why not combine all of those into a workout and mix in a few burpees? That’s what YHC envisioned anyway.

The Trump:
Team lines up about 10 yards away and lunge walked to cinder block wall (approx 16 blocks) where they grab a block (or two) and carry that back to start to build a new wall. Every completed wall = 5pts
Each team had 4 minutes.
(Those were the biggest most beautiful walls. Yuge walls and the PAX did not pay for them)

The Hillary Hail Mary
YHC wanted to combine burpees, a Hail Mary type football throw, and Hillary. You had to be there on this one…
YHC will NEVER recommend starting any type of football team with the Hickory PAX. This was terrible. There had to have been 400+ throws at the basket today and 1! Yes, only 1!!! landed in the basket. (Thank the Lord for Udder Butter) YHC doesn’t think it’s scientifically possible to have that many balls dropped in a general area and not have more that went into the basket?! It was awful….
4mins x 2 of this awfulness.. (Editor’s addition: Throw the red challenge flag! Check the replay!   Let’s just say there was some basket hovering.)

Oh, yeah, and Taz had 47+ interceptions. He looked like Odell out there. (See Above.)

Team 1 won the Turkey Day trophy. (Under Protest- Jill Stein has asked for a recount)

At this point it was handed off to Udder Butter for the last part of the workout and the COT.

First exercise is….”sorry UB, time is up”.  This is what I as able to squeeze in before we headed back;

American Hammers 4 ct x 10 IC
Box Cutters 4 ct x 10 IC
Crunches (Little Baby) 4 ct x 10 IC
Down (low) Plank Peter Parkers 4 ct x10 IC
Extension Crunches single ct x 10 IC
Freddie Mercuries 4 ct x 10 IC

2 sets completed before conducting a two line Indian Run back to the flag.

Namo O Rama- Wow, 28 came and 28 conquered!  We had three FNGs too. Matt Levita will henceforth and forevermore be known as Foreclosure.  Austin Davis (Retread’s brother) will henceforth and forevermore be Bieber-thanks to his similar looks to The Biebs. The third FNG was also related to Retread, his father Claude Davis.  Being the father of Retread, it only makes sense that he be named Tread- so he was.


Read Luke 17:11-19 – 10 Lepers Jesus healed.  All believed and were healed, but only one was sincerely thankful and returned to praise Jesus.

Don’s offer up a token prayer of thanks this Thanksgiving.  What better token of our appreciation than the actions of our obedience.

A closing prayer was offered, in part petitioning on behalf  of those requests mentioned and in part a word of thanks for all servicemen and women who are ever on point on our behalf.

Wow what fun to it was to get the jump on the calorie fest and start the day off right with a little exercise with my brothers.  It was my honor to share the Q.

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Cousin Eddie

Hate i missed it UB. Sounds like a good one.