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Hickory Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
ER3rd Ave NW and N Center StMonday530615Strength/Conditioning/Agility
HowitzerUnion SquareTuesday530615Bootcamp
The StarMt Pisgah Lutheran ChurchTuesday530615Bootcamp
Organ GrinderHickory City ParkWednesday530615Gear/Kettlebells
ArrowCorinth Reformed ChurchWednesday515615Run
ExpressoViewmont Elementary SchoolThursday530615Bootcamp
The StarMt Pisgah Lutheran ChurchThursday530615Bootcamp
Ruck N RollLenoir-Rhyne UniversityFriday515615Ruck
RAMLenoir-Rhyne UniversityFriday530615Run (with Pain Stations)
Whipping StickNorthview Middle SchoolSaturday615715Bootcamp


Mountain View Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
The Mount2165 Medical Park DrTuesday530615Bootcamp
The Mount2165 Medical Park DrThursday530615Bootcamp


Granite Falls Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
So Cal11 N Main StMonday20002045Bootcamp
Hurler11 N Main StTuesday530615Bootcamp
Sling Blade11 N Main StWednesday515615Run
Hurler11 N Main StThursday530615Bootcamp
Rots o Ruck11 N Main StFriday515615Ruck
300South Caldwell High SchoolSaturday630730Bootcamp


Taylorsville Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
Rattlesnake RidgeRocky Face Mountain ParkTuesday18301930Run w/ Pain Stations
Rattlesnake RidgeRocky Face Mountain ParkThursday18301930Run w/ Pain Stations
Copperhead CreekMatheson ParkSaturday700800Boot Camp


Lenoir Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
Prison BreakCentral Advent Christian ChurchTuesday515600Boot Camp
Stargate902 Harper Ave NWWednesday515615Run
Prison BreakCentral Advent Christian ChurchThursday515600Boot Camp
InfinityLenoir GreenwayFriday515615Run with Pain Stations
The DenHibriten High SchoolSaturday700800Boot Camp


Conover Area

AOLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout Style
The Station361 5th Ave SETuesday530615Bootcamp
The Station361 5th Ave SEThursday530615Bootcamp




Hickory Area

TitleLocationDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeGathering Type
CoffeeteriaVarious (Granite Falls)Tuesday11451300Lunch/Fellowship
CoffeeteriaTaste Full BeansFriday700800Coffee/Fellowship
CoffeeteriaVarious (Hickory)Friday11451245Lunch/Fellowship
CoffeeteriaWindy City GrillSaturday745845Breakfast/Fellowship
CoffeeteriaCity BBQSaturday745845Breakfast/Fellowship



Faith Gatherings

BANG—30 minutes to an hour of gut-checking conversation where men sharpen one other. Our time is valuable, so we don’t waste it with pleasantries and small-talk. The idea is to dig into the meat of life and uncover the “why” to your life so it won’t get turned upside down through the Sifter.

A Good WordHickoryPanera BreadFriday730Bible Study/DevotionCrop Duster
Prayer GroupHickoryFirst Baptist HickoryTuesday615Prayer ConcernsMarkup